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Today, over 200 kids gathered at 2017 Kinder+Sport Guangzhou Children’s Football Carnival and celebrated the upcoming Children’s Day in the fierce football challenges and matches together with the two famous Guangdong footballers, Ou Chuliang and Tan Ruyin. This year, joining hands with Guangdong Football Association, Ferrero China brought Kinder+Sport into the campus for the first time. After stirring up the Joy of Moving in 3 schools including Lie De, Nan Guo and Xia Liang, Ferrero held the wonderful carnival in order to spread fun and passion of football among more children.

At the joyful football carnival at Guangdong Olympic Center, some kids cooperated closely at the giant table football and some teamed up with their parents in a cheerful 3VS3 family football battle on the air cushion. After getting warmed up in the interactive games, the kids were eager to show off their skills in real games. Ou Chuliang and Tan Ruyin called up 4 little Kinder players respectively and set off a 5VS5 football game. With the experienced players as the leader, the Kinder kids were fired up and brought forth all their talents. Their excellent dribbling, passing, and shooting skills won the applause of all the audience.

According to the “General Plan for China Football Reform and Development”, China is aiming to cultivate a greater adolescent football population by 2020. The robust development of adolescent football in recent years has rejuvenated campus football activities, improving the situation of“the majority watching while few participating”. Cultivating students’ interest in football is the key to encourage them to play. In terms of such circumstance, Mr. Cheng Zhiwen, senior officer of Guangdong Football Association, which is the co-organizer of this event, stated that “It needs supports from different sectors of the society in addition to schools, to contribute to the healthy development of campus football. We are very delighted to collaborate with Ferrero China again this year to take the approach of diversified and innovative activities such as football class break and football carnival, calling on more teenagers to step closer towards football and sports.”

With the previous successful experience in organizing football training camps with Guangdong Football Association, Kinder+Sport has become a leading youth sport project widely welcomed by Guangzhou local families. This year, riding on the Association’s expertise, Kinder+Sport held “Kinder+Sport Football Class Break” and interest-oriented courses, set up interactive facilities and distributed sports and nutrition knowledge brochures to help more kids get familiar with football and enjoy the Joy of Moving on the football pitch. Looking into the future, Kinder+Sport will hold more and more diverse teenage sports programs, sharing the joy of sports with more Chinese children.

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On the public day of Shanghai Rolex Masters, over 200 kids from 2016 Kinder+Sport Children Tennis Training Camp hit the court of Kinder Day at Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Centre. The kids played with the tennis masters and had fun in 3D tennis games, turning the court into a wonderland of tennis. China's top tennis single player Zhang Ze joined as the star coach and led the outstanding young players in an exciting tennis challenge against the foreign ATP player, which marked a perfect ending of the one-month training camp.

The appearance of the star coach Zhang Ze immediately aroused cheers among the kids. Today the tennis idol of the new generation not only interacted closely with the kids in the tennis game, he also supported the kids and instructed them hand by hand, preparing for the challenge with the foreign master. After the arrival of the ATP player, the two professional athletes teamed up with 5 kids respectively. The two teams fought in a men's doubles match after some warm-up games. Although having rich match experience, the two players still found it was hard to handle the wild and unpredictable tactics of the young Kinder players. The audience around were completely attracted and amused by the interesting game, cheering for the players of both sides.

Impressed by the kids, Zhang Ze smiled and said, "This is my second time here at Kinder Day. I am so pleased to see the growth of the kids, almost like real tennis players. With teaching by playing, the dynamic nature of the kids will be fully developed. I wish they will play tennis in their daily life and have a joyful childhood through moving in the future."

As the organizer of Kinder+Sport, Ferrero China has been providing a tennis platform with easy access for the kids in Shanghai for 5 years consecutively, communicating the concept of joy of moving to all the kids. With the continuous escalation of the event scale and the constant innovation of the training course, the Kinder+Sport training camp is widely welcomed by young families in Shanghai. This year, the training camp has expanded the event scale to a record-breaking 1,500 kids, all were booked out in as short as 2 days. Together with the training camp, the K+S Tennis Champion voting has also drawn to an end. Over 100 Kinder kids posted out their moving moment and received 150,000 votes, successfully spreading the joy of moving in the community. The winners will hold hands with the international players and walk into the courts of the key matches at Shanghai Rolex Masters, feeling the passion of the tennis feast in the spotlight.

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This Saturday, 150 families gathered in Guangzhou Olympic Stadium to celebrate International Children’s Day at 2016 Kinder+Sport Guangzhou Family Football Carnival. Ou Chuliang, current assistant coach and former goalkeeper of China’s national team, along with Jiang Meizi, Captain of Guangzhou Women’s Football Team joined the carnival and enjoyed a wonderful time playing interactive football games with the children; they also teamed up with 150 kids and played brilliant football matches against 11 professional football coaches.

After participating in Kinder+Sport family football experiential camp held in May, the kids and their parents had familiarized themselves with the rules and all were very eager to compete in the three-legged race and overhead stroke race - interactive family football games designed to test their team spirits. Ou Chuliang and Jiang Meizi also partnered with two of the kids as family teams and played against other teams. After the game as a warm-up came the climax of the carnival – the 150 vs 11 football match. With Jiang Meizi playing with them side by side and Ou Chuliang firmly guarding the gate, the children were high in spirits; they might not be the team with the best tactics, but they outnumbered the coaches’ team therefore gained competitive advantage. Although all the coaches are professional players, who have played for China’s leading football clubs including the likes of Ever Grande and Sunray Cave FC, their rhythm were constantly interrupted by the young players. With over 100 parent cheerleaders rallied for them, the children’s morale was fired up. Despite of their rich experience, the 11 professionals had no choice but to candidly admit their defeat in the presence of 150 fearless young players.

After the match, Ou Chuliang, a third-timer to the Kinder+Sport football event thinks that although there have been plenty of teenage football events, the entire atmosphere for teen football is still not as strong as that in Europe or South America. He believes that events like Kinder+Sport football training programs can stimulate children’s long-term interest in sports and then there is only a matter of time for new Chinese football talent to boom. Jiang Meizi was very touched by the kids’ enthusiasm for football; as a women’s football player herself, Jiang was especially delighted to see so many girls participating in the event. She hopes that they could keep playing football and ultimately some of them will become members of the Chinese women’s team.

Results of the blue paper “2016 Chinese teenager nutrition and health report” shows that due the alternation of modern lifestyle, more than 70% Chinese children get no more than 1 hour of exercise per day. Enci Zhou, Director of Communications of Ferrero China, hopes that programs like Kinder+Sport can foster kids’ interests in sports as well as a healthy and active lifestyle. She also encourages parents to participate in such events as well, in order to motivate their children’s incentives to exercise. “With the help of Guangdong Football Association, we were able to celebrate Children’s Day with the kids in the form of edutainment. Through this event, not only did the kids become more skillful playing football, they also got a taste of the unique passion and fun of football. We hope that after the event, they can fall in love with football and exercising itself, enjoy the Joy of Moving”, said Enci.

This year, Ferrero China joined forces with Guandong Football Association for the third time to bring teenagers in Guangzhou an unprecedented family football experiential camp, updating the scale of the event from 150 kids to over 1000, enabling more families to experience the charm of sports through the training camp. Looking into the future, Kinder+Sport will further its “Joy of Moving” concept, and hold more and more diverse teenage sports programs, as a way of encouraging more Chinese children to exercise and foster a more active lifestyle.

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Today, on the public day of Shanhai Rolex Masters, over 200 kids attended the joyful Kinder Day at Qizhong Tennis Centre, experiencing their own“ATP Masters”game together with China’s top single player Zhang Ze. As a highlight of the 2015 Kinder+Sport Children’s Tennis Training Camp, Kinder Day not only brought back interactive training courses, but also invited professional ATP players from overseas to the court, leading the kids to have a spectacular tennis game against Zhang Ze.

Today, the Kinder kids embraced Zhang Ze, who was their idol coach during training camp previously. But unlike regular dreary training,Zhang Ze today spent more time in cheerful games with the kids, teaching by playing. What surprised the kids more, is the arrival of the professional ATP players, who was immediately surrounded by the excited kids the moment they stepped on the court. Zhang Ze gladly invited him to have a game, so they picked 5 kids respectively to “fight” with them in warm-up games, and then have one child each on both sides in a final men’s doubles match. Teaming up with the real “Masters”, the little kids played so actively that the two professional even encounter some difficulties sometimes in dealing with their unpredictable hits. All the audience around the court were totally attracted by the exciting game, and cheered loudly for the kids.

After the game, Zhang Ze said he was really impressed by the kids’ performance, “I’m so glad that I can spend this Kinder Day with the kids. Many of them have showed quite a talent. ” Zhang Ze also shared his tennis experience since his childhood, saying “Playing tennis is only about your skills, but also your strategic thinking. Playing tennis will help kids to learn to analysis and make quick response according to the constantly changing situation. Also playing tennis will allow them to make friends who have the same interest. I wish they have fun today, falling in love with tennis and spend more time with friends and parents playing tennis. ”

Coming along with the heat of the ATP Masters, tennis, as well as related activities targeting youth population, is becoming more and more popular among the public. Based on previous experience of successfully holding kids tennis events for 4 years, Ferrero China’s “Kinder + Sport” program catered to people’s growing enthusiasm for tennis, and further expanded the size of the tennis training camps to 1,200 children this year. We held 4 training sessions in 4 successive weeks, bringing in more kids to experience the charm of tennis. Besides the training camps and the “Kinder Day” event, most talented kids will also have the chance to walk with ATP Masters players to the court, to become the center of attention in this world tennis feast. In the future, Ferrero will continue to hold a series of diverse youth sports program, bringing the “joy of moving” as well as a healthy, sporty lifestyle to more kids.

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Today, 6 teenage footballers from China, wearing their red jerseys, stepped onto the international stage for the 1st time in their life, led by Sun Wen, a legend in China's national women's football team. The little China football team came all the way from their home country to compete against a team of Italian teenage players led by Demetrio Albertini, the world-renowned former player of AC Milan. As one of the most important events hosted by Ferrero at Milan Expo, the event is aimed at promoting the active sporty lifestyle among more teenagers by leveraging the worldwide influence of Expo.

Today is also China Pavilion Day 2015 at the Milan Expo. Chinese and Italian government officials, representatives from the Milan Expo committee, senior executives of Ferrero Group, as well as various people from the sports and education community from the two countries attended the event and witnessed the thrilling mini football game along with the local audience.

The game was hosted in the "Kinder+Sport" Area which covers 3,600 square meters at the Expo site. During the warm-up, Chinese footballer "Steel Rose" Sun Wen, along with the Italian midfielder "Engine Room" Albertini, gave some tactical advice to their respective teams. At around 3pm local time, the young players stepped onto the field, all in high spirits, looking like a real national team. Following the whistle, the two teams quickly running around and soon became accustomed to the intense pace of the match. Sun Wen and Albertini were so excited; they waved their arms giving instructions and shouted words of encouragement to the young players. The game ended with the sounds of cheers and applauses from the audience, with players from the two countries waving their trophies and medals to the crowd, bringing a close to the international friendly football game.

"Today has been a precious experience for the kids", commented the "Kinder+Sport" Italian Ambassador Albertini after the game. "There is no winner or loser in this game, only the joy of athletics and the fair-play spirit of sports that the two teams have learned from each other." Sun Wen, the "Kinder+Sport" Chinese Ambassador, continued, "I'm so glad to have brought these kids, who are so passionate about football, to the Milan Expo. Football can bring children from different cultural backgrounds to an equal platform, and enable them to feel passion, team spirit and an eagerness to win which overcomes any language barrier. The spirit of football is not only limited to this field; it is highly educational for the children's ongoing development, and they've had a memorable experience of running around and playing with the other team today."

The 6 little Chinese Kinder kids, selected from "Kinder+Sport" Children Football Training Camp hosted by Ferrero China in Guangzhou in April, will pay a visit to the famous San Siro Stadium and the museum, home of AC Milan and Inter Milan, where Maldini, Van Basten and Rijkaard, heroes of football history, reached the peak of their careers. Encouraging children to enjoy the charm of sport

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2015 Guangzhou‘Kinder+Sport'Children Football Training Camp Closes in Joy

April 26, 2015, Guangzhou Olympic Sport Center - Today, the 2015 Guangzhou 'Kinder+Sport' Football Children Training Camp ended in a final salvo of more than 150 children. Sun Wen, the icon of Chinese women football community, along with Ou Chuliang, the former goalkeeper of China national team attended the event, and took the lead in kids' brilliant match against 11 professional adult players. It is known that Sun Wen will take some of the students who showed great talent in the camp to the 'Kinder + Sport' Area in 2015 Milan EXPO to play a football match with Italian teenagers.

As the ultimate test of three-week training, the 150 children summon up their courage and challenge their 11 teachers together at the closing ceremony. In this unprecedented '150VS11' match, the football star Sun Wen and Ou Chuliang not only guided the children with tactics, but also joined the team themselves as a striker and the goalkeeper for them. Despite being away from the international football competitions for long, Sun Wen still made huge threats at the edge of opponent's box. And she also ran in the midfield to lead the children running the offense, taking the advantage of their numbers to disturb the rhythm of coaches. Although the 11 professionals are really expericed on the field, they never dealt with any situation like this, not to mention that most of their goal attempts were stopped by the skilled 'China goalkeeper' Ou Chuliang. Except of the fierce competition, the children and their parents also participated in a joyfull three-legged races. There were also lucky boys teamed with Sun wen and Ou Chuliang in the game, rushing cheerfully to the finishing line amid laughters and applauds. At last, children received their graduation certificate from the leaders of The Football Association of Guangdong Province and representatives of Ferrero China.

After the match, the children were very excited about the experience of playing with the stars. Sun Wen said, "This football camp will not only foster young people's interest in football, letting them feel the charm of the sport and stimulating their long-term love for this sport, further more, it taught them about the spirit of determination and team work." Ou Chuliang, who also spoke highly of the childre said: "I was impressed by these children who show such a talent of this age. I wish them to continue to play football and grow into the new generation of country's football in future."

Being the co-hoster of the training camp, Cheng Zhiwen, Director of Guangdong Football Association said: " As government introducing 'The Plan of Chinese Football Overall Reformation' recently, the promotion of football among young children has been pushed into the spot light. We are glad to see enterprises join hand with us to carry forward the plan. By cooperating with Ferrero China again to organize the football training camp, we want to accelerate the move of football education among kids, and involve more of them to get into the charming world, letting them fall in love with football as well as sports. "

After the success of the first Guangzhou 'Kinder+Sport' Football Children Training Camp last year, Ferrero China and Guangdong Football Association joined hands and held this upgraded training camp, involving a larger scale of children, delivering the 'joy of moving' concept that 'Kinder+Sport' has been emphasizing. Previously, the Camp received warm response one more time from local parents and children in Guangzhou soon after the recruiting launched this April. More than 1,500 students from over 30 primary schools signed up for it, and 150 of them started their 8-hour progressive training afterwards. As a strong promoter of youth sport, Ferrero wants to deliver healthy and positive lifestyle to Chinese young children through 'Kinder + Sport' project to encourage them to go outdoor and take exercise happily. In the future. The 'Kinder + Sport' project will keep running sport programs across the country and share the joy of sport with more Chinese teenagers.

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2014 "Kinder+Sport" Shanghai Rolex Master Children Tennis Training Camp Successfully Ends as Little Trainees Enjoying the Charm of the World-Top Tennis Game

2014 Oct 4, Shanghai – Today, the 2014 "Kinder+Sport" Shanghai Rolex Master Children Tennis Training Camp co-hosted by Ferrero and Shanghai Tennis Association held the grand closing ceremony on the opening day of the Masters. Almost 200 children cheerfully recorded their final moment at the Camp in front of the camera, with their enthusiasm towards tennis and hearts filled with delight. The Camp marked the fourth annual collaboration between Ferrero China and Shanghai Rolex Master who have been joining hands to promote tennis sport among the youth, which was also the first time that the one-off experience event being upgraded into a full-month training camp, aiming to provide children with a more in-depth tennis experience, and let them feel the passion and joy that tennis brings.

On the closing ceremony, the little trainees embraced their last coach, the tennis master - Wu Di. As a rising tennis star in China who was born in the 90s, Wu Di came to the court, holding the children's hands to help them feel the essentials of movements, and partnered with six of them together with Lukas Rosol, the world-rank 26 player, and played a brilliant men's doubles game. After that, the Grand Slam men's doubles champions Daniel Nestor and Nenad Zimonjic also "combatted" with a dozen of kids in turns. The precise returning and wonderful cooperation of the little tennis players and the Masters sparked waves of applauses and cheers. In the end, Wu Di and the ATP Masters encouraged them to push their limits with no fear, and reach out for the "Grand Slam" of the life in the joy of moving.

"It's not easy winning the game at the home of the kids today. I feel the huge progress they made during the training camp, and each of them should be regarded as a winner." Wu Di, the team silver winner who just returned from 2014 Incheon Asian Games said happily, "Whether or not they pursue the career as a professional tennis player in future, I hope the spirit of tennis can play a vital role when they face the difficulties of life in future – to fight the opponent confidently, humbly, gracefully and calmly till the end.

Besides the engaging and fun training courses, 2014 "Kinder+Sport" Shanghai Rolex Master Children Tennis Training Camp also offered twelve little players who have huge potential with an opportunity to observe the global leading professional tennis game with their own eyes – they will hold the hands and walk into the court with the Masters at the eighth-final, quarter-final and semi-final, feeling the hot atmosphere of the grand tennis game under the spotlight, and explore more development opportunities in the world of tennis.

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Professional Players versus Young Players, 2014 "Kinder+Sport" Guangzhou Children Football Training Camp Closes as a Great Success

May 31st 2014, Guangzhou – Today, 2014 "Kinder+Sport" Guangzhou Children Football Training Camp closed as a great success in a heated and joyful atmosphere. Under the ex-goalkeeper of national football team Mr. Ou Chuliang's instruction, one hundred primary school students who have gone through training in the past three consecutive weekends competed with 11 renowned professional football players, including Chi Minghua and Hu Zhijun, at the ever first "11 VS 100" simulation match in China. The match ended with the score of 1 to 1, which marks a satisfactory full stop for the training camp. Mr. Zhao Shaoming, Executive Committee Member of China Football Association and Deputy Director of Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province, Mr. Cheng Zhiwen, Director of Football Association of Guangzhou Province and Ms. Konnie Zhu, Director of Corporate Affairs of Ferrero China attended the closing ceremony and granted certificates to these children.

This May, 2014 "Kinder+Sport" Guangzhou Children Football Training Camp, hosted by Football Association of Guangdong Province and supported by Ferrero China, provided 8-class hour basic football training course for a hundred Guangzhou children. Under the instruction of professional coaches, the kids not only mastered the basic football skills in a step-by-step way such as controlling the ball, passing the ball, dribbling the ball and shooting, but also got familiar with the rules of football game and cooperation between team members through practical rehearsal. At the closing ceremony, one hundred children and 10 parents participated in a family interactive shooting game, during which the kids showed their excellent shooting skills against the parents' strong defenses. The presence of Ou Chuliang brought to the climax of the closing ceremony – "11 VS 100" competition match is on. The little footballers went to great lengths and closely cooperated with team members to defend in their own responsible regions. After the intermission, these young players took a more active role in attack with Coach Ou's instruction, and even brought the ball into opponents' forbidden zone for several times, taking the whole match ups and downs thrillingly. Watching the children's excellent courageous performance, the chief coach Ou Chuliang couldn't help giving them a thumbing up and a big applause together with the audience so as to cheer up the little players on the field.

Mr. Zhao Shaoming, Executive Committee Member of China Football Association said, "Chinese teenager football is now thriving. The football training camp is right on time to enable the children who have great interest in football to participate in the game and enjoy the glamour of football, thus inspiring long-lasting passion towards sports, which is of great importance in promoting sports among teenagers."

"We are very glad to partner with enterprises and to have invited professional football players to teach children basic knowledge of sport safety and basic football skills in their favorite way", Director of Football Association of Guangzhou Province, Mr. Cheng Zhiwen said.

"It has always been the concept which ‘Kinder+Sport' advocates that bring children into the sports in a more positive way and let them enjoy the joy of sports, which is also the original intention of establishing this training camp. We believe that in addition to developing football skills, children will also enhance adventurous spirit to face up the challenge and deepen friendship through collaboration with team mates. We hope that by virtue of the glamour of football, we can build up a platform for children to enjoy the fun and benefit of sports, thereby helping them get rid of the sedentary lifestyle and fostering a healthy sporty lifestyle, " Director of Corporate Affairs of Ferrero China, Ms. Konnie Zhu said.

2014 "Kinder+Sport" Guangzhou Children Football Training Camp is another popular sports program in Guangzhou, following the last year program "Kinder Family Run". This program received heated response since its launching – over 1,200 primary school students from more than 150 schools signed up for this program. As an active promoter of teenager sports, Ferrero hopes to spare no effort to promote teenager sports through "Kinder+Sports" in order to help children grow happily in regular exercises. It is learnt that "Kinder+Sport" program will also be launched in other cities in the rest of the year, to bring the positive spirit to more teenagers in China.

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"Kinder Court" provides free tennis training to children with ATP players Fyrstenberg & Brands showed up as "Kinder Coaches"
Tennis Interaction Area invites kids and parents to learn and feel the passion and joy of the sport

October 5, 2013, Shanghai - Today, the "Kinder+Sport" project of Ferrero cooperated with Shanghai Masters for the 3rd consecutive year to hold "Kinder Day" event, which aimed to promote tennis among children, and encourage parents to help kids develop a habit of taking exercise together as daily routine actively, and feel the happiness that sport brings. Over 150 children and their parents in Shanghai gathered at the Shanghai Master's - Qizhong Tennis Center, to take free tennis training courses on "Kinder Court" and visited the Stadium of Shanghai Masters, and had a direct experience of the world top tennis competition from zero distance. 2 ATP players Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Daniel Brands also visited "Kinder Court" as guest coaches to "compete with" some of the little rivals.

The newly updated "Kinder Court" this year not only provided professional onsite course and brought kids to the Center Stadium, player restaurant, media center and other facilities that does not open to public, but also set up an interaction game area to involve the whole family: the Kinder Family Tennis Game Table; Instant Family Portrait featuring a 3-meter huge tennis, and a group of vigorous "Kinder+Sport" tennis mob dancers who brought dynamic sporty tempo to all the audience at the court.
It is worth mentioning that Daniel Brands was also invited to "Kinder Court" as special "Kinder Coaches", and put up amazing tennis lessons for the little players. 6 young "masters" among the kids rubbed their hands with glee, and started a series of fascinating battles against the 2 ATP coaches. News reported that "Kinder + Sport" will invite these kids to walk onto the official match with ATP players hand in hand, and feel the heated atmosphere of this international top tennis game.

To unremittingly promote sport as a daily routine of young children, "Kinder + Sport" held "Kinder Day" event with ATP Shanghai Master's for 3 years successively. The event has become a great platform geared to young audiences that the world leading tennis competition wants to reach, and also became one of the most popular events among young families. According to the latest National Student Physical and Health Status Survey, China's students are facing decline in many physical abilities including explosiveness, strength and endurance. And the physical health test result of 2012 Shanghai primary and middle school students indicates that 76.03% investigated students have less than 1 hour per day for sport, and have a problem of lack in virility. However, 42.92% out of the total watch TV and play computer games for more than an hour everyday. As a determined promoter of healthy sporty lifestyle among the youth, Ferrero hopes to lead Chinese children walk out from sedentary life through "Kinder + Sport" project, and help to foster a energetic, positive new generation in the motion through promoting regular physical exercises.

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20 October 2013, Beijing —with the sound of pistol firing at 9 this morning, 2013 Beijing International Marathon "Kinder Family Run" started from the South Exit of Olympic Forest Park. Nearly 300 participating families courageously rushed out of the starting line and ran along the central axis to the finishing line - Beijing National Stadium. As an important part of "Kinder+Sport" project in China, the 1.4 km Beijing International Marathon "Kinder Kinder Family Run" this year shared the same track with Beijing International Marathon, which provided more kids a close contact with professional runners, and also enabled them to enjoy the excitement and pleasure of international sport event. The event aims to encourage young children to develop a healthy sporty lifestyle. Wang Xuan, Deputy Director of Youth Sport Department, General Administration of Sport of China and Deputy Director of Beijing International Marathon Committee, and Huang Wei, Director of Chinese Athletic Association Youth Department attended the event. Mr. Wang Xuan fired the gun for the participating families.

"In recent years, the sport ability of Chinese children has seen remarkable progress, which is quite relevant to China's economic development and improving living standards, and people now tend to pay more attention to sport." Huang Wei, Director of Chinese Athletic Association Youth Department said at the starting ceremony, "however, compared with developed countries, we're still facing a large room for improvement in youth sport. Raising children's sport ability will not only help them to grow healthily, but also spur the growth of the whole nation's physical activity level. Therefore, holding such an activity during this year's marathon is extremely meaningful for the promotion of sport among children.

The "Kinder Family Run" was held jointly by Ferrero and Beijing International Marathon Committee. Since its launch, the event had received extremely positive response. On October 20th, Liu Jianhong, the renowned sports commentator also brought his child to the game, setting himself as an example to appeal to more adults to take part in sports with their children, helping them grow up happily and healthily in the motion. In spite of the slight chill of early autumn, the passion for sport was high among the participating families. Many little kids were still wearing thin sport suit and eager for the race. With the firing, the kids rushed out with their parents, and some of them even became the "advanced force" of the 3-man team, pulling their parents towards the finishing line hand in hand.

"We feel very happy to see so many Beijing residents actively took part in this event along with their children today," said Konnie Zhu, Director of Corporate Affairs, Ferrero North Asia and China, "‘Kinder+Sport' project aims to encourage children to grow up healthily and happily in motion. Through this world-class platform of Beijing International Marathon, we hope to inspire the families fully experience and enjoy the passion of sport. We also want to appeal to more parents - do not forget to take exercise with your children amid your busy works. We should set a good example for children to take regular exercise as a daily routine - this is exactly why we launch "Kinder Family Run."

2013 Beijing International Marathon "Kinder Family Run" is the second initiative of Ferrero's "Kinder+Sport" in China, and also the second time to promote youth sport via top marathon game since the cooperation with Guangzhou Marathon in 2012. "Kinder+Sport" always hopes to promote the concept of taking regular exercise to kids and parents through more international, professional sport platform. It provides kids and parents with an easier access to the world-class sport events; meanwhile, it offers the chance to families to take sport together during their busy schedule. According to report, "Kinder+Sport" will land on more cities in China to benefit more Chinese kids with the positive energy of sport.

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Only 8% of Chinese primary and middle school students play sports in leisure, far below 65.4% in Japan and 62.8% in the U.S.
Encouraging kids to do exercise regularly benefits their physical and mental health

November 17, 2012, Guangzhou — Today, the Olympic champion Gao Min and her child gathered with nearly 300 families in Tianhe Sports Center, Guangzhou to take part in the "Kinder Marathon", which was co-hosted by the global leading confectionary manufacturer Ferrero Group and Guangzhou Marathon Organizing Committee. The little athletes, aged between 7 to 12 and wearing the "Kinder + Sport" T-shirt, successfully completed the whole 3 km mini marathon through cooperation with their parents. All of them enjoyed the harmonious, healthy and joyful sport festival in a cheerful atmosphere.

According to the latest "Chinese Youth Physical Health and Behavior Investigation" released by the National Institute of Education Sciences, only 8% of primary and middle school students in China play sports in leisure, far below the 65.4% of Japan and the 62.8% of the U.S. Most of the interviewees acknowledged their lack of exercise, and a lot of parents neglected the benefits of sports to children's growth. As part of the extension of Ferrero's "Kinder + Sport" global project in China, the first "Kinder Marathon" focuses on the physical and mental health of Chinese children, and encourages parents to be more proactive in developing a regular exercise routine with their children, in order to help them grow up happily and healthily through sports.

"Chinese parents often pay more attention on their children's intellectual development than physical and mental health." Zhang Li, Marketing Director of Ferrero China said, "We wish to promote the idea of ‘Kinder + Sport' through the ‘Kinder Marathon'. Our aim is to raise the awareness among parents that playing sports with children is not only good for health, but also helps create happiness and interaction between parents and children, which is extremely important to the all-round development and healthy growth of children. "

Gao Min, the Olympic Champion and the diving queen as well as the promotion ambassador of the activity said, " ‘Kinder Marathon' not only aims at enabling children to experience the joy of marathon, but also to arouse children's interest for sport through close cooperation with their parents in a cheerful atmosphere. The activity can help children develop a habit of regular exercises, which is undoubtedly conducive to their healthy growth"

Ferrero Group has always been dedicating to the promotion of healthy lifestyle and it has invested millions of euros in "Kinder + Sport" projects around the world. From 2010 to 2011, more than 7 million teenagers from 17 countries have joined the projects, encompassing more than 14 sports, including: volleyball, basketball, track & field, golf, sailing, fencing, tennis, skiing, water polo, orienteering and swimming. Kinder has also sponsored 22 national federations and 2 Olympics committees.

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Today, the world-renowned chocolate brand Kinder launched "Kinder Day" campaign on the opening day of Shanghai Masters 2012, which attracted over 150 children to gather at Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center to participate in the campaign. The children, who were also the first batch of guests to visit "Kinder Court", had a practice session under the instruction of ATP player Fernando Verdasco to feel the joy and passion tennis brings. "Kinder Court" is the tennis court specially made for kids and is also one of the most important facilities of Shanghai Masters 2012. "Kinder Court" is open to the public from Monday to Friday so as to provide more children with easy access to play tennis.

As the flagship brand of the world leading chocolate and confectionary manufacturer Ferrero Group, Kinder has been the exclusive official partner of the Shanghai Masters in chocolate and confectionary industry since 2011. It has been cooperating with the organizer of the Shanghai Masters to launch a series of sporting campaigns for children, aiming to promote tennis sport and advocate a positive and healthy sporty lifestyle among Chinese children.

On "Kinder Day", the children visited some of the facilities in world-class tennis stadium that are usually not open to public – the player restaurant, media center and press conference area, and were being introduced to the knowledge of tennis culture. They were also offered a rare chance to have close contact with ATP player Fernando Verdasco as they played tennis on "Kinder Court" and learned how to be a "Little Master" under the coach of Fernando Verdasco. The children ran and jumped on "Kinder Court", swinging their tennis rackets and completely indulging themselves in the joy and passion of tennis. Moreover, to let more children experience the tennis sport, Kinder will invite 30 migrant laborers' children to visit "Kinder Court" and learn the basic knowledge of tennis and to feel the joy and interest of playing sports.

Through "Kinder + Sports" – the key concept of combining delicious food with sport and health, Kinder has always been committed to encouraging and advocating children to cultivate healthy habits in daily life through nurturing the concept of sport as a daily activity, achieve full-round development, enjoy the pleasure of food and gain health at the same time. In China, besides sponsoring the Shanghai Masters, Kinder has launched "Kinder Health Run" campaigns in hundreds of primary schools across the country since 2009, and has built up "Kinder Court" for children in poverty-stricken area. Kinder encourages children to develop a healthy and positive life attitude through insisting on daily exercises, and grow up cheerfully in sports.

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